A professional pool service

Clarks Pool Service can take the worry and confusion out of pool maintenance and repair. If you are not sure what the pH is supposed to be or how much alkalinity you should maintain, the answers are available. If your pool has issues, it is time to call us!

Hopefully, your pool’s issues are less mechanical and more aesthetic. You might be amazed at how dramatically a professional cleaning can change the appearance of your pool. If you have an upcoming party, don’t you want your pool to gleam? Clarks Pool Service can make that a reality in short order.

Sometimes a pool requires more than new chemicals or a quick tile scrubbing. Pools are complex systems and sometimes things break down. Pumps fail, filters clog and liners crack.  A properly maintained pool will last a long time without problems, but problems do arise occasionally. That is why it is important to have a trustworthy professional pool service at your disposal.

We can quickly assess the problems and draw up plans for a complete and effective solution. Another oft-overlooked benefit of hiring a professional is their product knowledge. Pool parts companies are constantly updating and upgrading their product lines. We are up to speed on those changes and can direct you to the BEST solution available. You may need a new pump, but why replace yours with one that is antiquated? We can help you navigate the treacherous waters of sales-driven product comparisons and deliver you safely to a complete and cost-effective solution.

In the long run Clarks Pool Service will save you time, money and headaches. We will keep your pool in tip-top shape and keep you gently floating along, wondering what the rest of the world is so uptight about.