A professional pool service

Clarks Pool Service can take the worry and confusion out of pool maintenance and repair. If you are not sure what the pH is supposed to be or how much alkalinity you should maintain, the answers are available. If your pool has issues, it is time to call us!

Hopefully, your pool’s issues are less mechanical and more aesthetic. You might be amazed at how dramatically a professional cleaning can change the appearance of your pool. If you have an upcoming party, don’t you want your pool to gleam? Clarks Pool Service can make that a reality in short order.

Sometimes a pool requires more than new chemicals or a quick tile scrubbing. Pools are complex systems and sometimes things break down. Pumps fail, filters clog and liners crack.  A properly maintained pool will last a long time without problems, but problems do arise occasionally. That is why it is important to have a trustworthy professional pool service at your disposal.

We can quickly assess the problems and draw up plans for a complete and effective solution. Another oft-overlooked benefit of hiring a professional is their product knowledge. Pool parts companies are constantly updating and upgrading their product lines. We are up to speed on those changes and can direct you to the BEST solution available. You may need a new pump, but why replace yours with one that is antiquated? We can help you navigate the treacherous waters of sales-driven product comparisons and deliver you safely to a complete and cost-effective solution.

In the long run Clarks Pool Service will save you time, money and headaches. We will keep your pool in tip-top shape and keep you gently floating along, wondering what the rest of the world is so uptight about.

Pool Parts – Let us keep your pool running!

There is nothing like the exhilaration of diving into a pristine well-appointed pool. The rush of cool water washes the California heat from your body, turning an otherwise ordinary day into a mini-vacation for the senses.

Of course there is also nothing like stepping out your door, ready for a mini-vacation and finding a pool filled with leaves, dirt, and not-so-pristine water because your pool has been limping along on outdated or broken parts.

Pool owners don’t often think about pool parts, but there are many. A pool has filters, pumps, heaters and vacuums; just to name a few. All these parts need to work in unison to keep a pristine oasis from turning into a not-so-inviting pond in the backyard.

Why not just buy a new pump and have us install it this Saturday? Pool parts are not like car parts. Each pool system is unique, unlike mass-produced automobiles. You need to understand the whole system to keep things working properly. The wrong pool parts may be more damaging than the old parts, so let us inspect your pool – this is the surest way to avoid costly compounding issues.

Most pool owners think very little about pool parts. Who wants to think about pool parts when they are busy sipping a tasty beverage and soaking the day away in the cool waters of a beautiful backyard? Let Clarks Pool Service worry about the details and you can get back to your mini-vacation. You deserve it.

Pool Maintenance Leads to Summer Bliss

How long is your to-do list? It seems that the list gets longer every day, doesn’t it? Pick this up, drop that off, meeting at three, soccer at four, dinner at six; by the way don’t forget to pay the bills, cut the grass and be ready for it all again tomorrow at seven. After all the running, a few minutes of downtime, soaking in the pool sounds like sweet relief; as long as you remembered to maintain it properly.

Pool maintenance is something that tends to be neglected until everybody wants to go swimming.  At Clarks Pool Service we recommend checking and adjusting the chemicals in your pool twice a week. Checking them often allows smaller changes to maintain optimum levels. It is also important to inspect and backwash the filters and pumps regularly, but not too regularly. There is vacuuming, sweeping and skimming to be done. It’s also nice to clean the grout and tile regularly to maintain your investment. Where do all those little chores fit into the to-do list? Maybe it’s time to hire Clarks Pool Service.

Clarks Pool Service takes the worry and work out of your pool and leave only the enjoyment. Our professional pool maintenance program will assure that all the chemicals that keep you water sparkling are at the proper levels and that your equipment is properly cleaned and maintained at regular and recommended intervals. Pool maintenance is a continual process, and a professional pool maintenance service will keep everything flowing smoothly.

There is enough on your to-do list. Let Clarks Pool Service maintain your pool. This way, you can come home and wash the wears of the day away; at least until the kids get home.