Pool Parts – Let us keep your pool running!

There is nothing like the exhilaration of diving into a pristine well-appointed pool. The rush of cool water washes the California heat from your body, turning an otherwise ordinary day into a mini-vacation for the senses.

Of course there is also nothing like stepping out your door, ready for a mini-vacation and finding a pool filled with leaves, dirt, and not-so-pristine water because your pool has been limping along on outdated or broken parts.

Pool owners don’t often think about pool parts, but there are many. A pool has filters, pumps, heaters and vacuums; just to name a few. All these parts need to work in unison to keep a pristine oasis from turning into a not-so-inviting pond in the backyard.

Why not just buy a new pump and have us install it this Saturday? Pool parts are not like car parts. Each pool system is unique, unlike mass-produced automobiles. You need to understand the whole system to keep things working properly. The wrong pool parts may be more damaging than the old parts, so let us inspect your pool – this is the surest way to avoid costly compounding issues.

Most pool owners think very little about pool parts. Who wants to think about pool parts when they are busy sipping a tasty beverage and soaking the day away in the cool waters of a beautiful backyard? Let Clarks Pool Service worry about the details and you can get back to your mini-vacation. You deserve it.